The Responsibilities Of The American Gunsmithing Association

The Responsibilities Of The American Gunsmithing Association

American Gunsmithing AssociationAs early as the 1990s, gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts have been receiving invitations and offers through the mail for a membership with the American Gunsmithing Association, or fondly abbreviated as AGA. “Membership” in this sense means a magazine subscription to the group’s official publication called “American Gunsmith.” Six issues for people living in the United States cost $19, while the same number of copies is priced at $24 for Canada residents and $28 for anyone living in other countires.

Though the group has yet to have an official website, we can get valuable information about who they are (including their mission statement and their objectives) from online sources such as their official blog, their publication’s website, and a few gunsmithing forums.

What are the presumed responsibilities of the American Gunsmithing Association?

As a group dedicated to gunsmithing, AGA provides members with gunsmithing tools and techniques specific to different types of guns. This is done through their publication, “American Gunsmith,” which is delivered right at a member’s doorstep every month. In each issue, there are expert articles that contain step-by-step instructions to follow, images and resources to check out, and schematic representations to pattern from.

Some of the specific techniques and processes that members can learn from include the following:

  • fabricating replacement parts,
  • anodizing aluminum,
  • checkering their designs,
  • working with hammers and triggers,
  • how to keep your firearm from becoming a paper weight
  • how to renovate a .22 rifle

All these information come in handy when a gunsmith wants to repair his firearms, perform an upgrade, or enhance his knowledge about gunsmithing.

Overall, members are taught how to work independently. Many of them want to learn how to create or re-create guns in the confines of their home, but they do not know how to get started. But with AGA, they will know which equipment to use, what software to consider, and what kinds of issues they need to address.

Through the AGA’s blog, which can be found at, members and other readers will be updated about the different issues concerning gunsmiths and possibly gun owners in general. With the topics covered and discussed in the blog, you can say that AGA is teaching gunsmiths to be responsible gun owners.

Last, through their AGA membership, gunsmiths can get discounts, savings, and other price reductions from gunsmithing shops and services.

AGA should not to be mistaken with AGI, or the American Gunsmithing Institute, as some people do. The AGI is a learning website that gives every firearm enthusiast an opportunity to hone their gunsmithing skills. At the moment, the site offers three courses that include machine shop, welding, and gunsmithing courses.

American Gunsmithing Association PublicationsWhen you choose to enroll with AGI, you will have to do it online. Upon registration, you will be given access to their instructional videos that you can watch anytime. Some of the topics these videos have include how to build or customize all types of firearms such as handguns and shotguns.

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