Choosing a Gunsmith School

gunsmith schoolWhether you want to become a gunsmith as a hobby or a career, you have to register in a gunsmith school and train to become one.  Not only should the gun school offer an excellent gunsmithing program, but it should also have a well-equipped workshop and skilled instructors who can provide hands-on training to students.  There should be plenty of time for students to practice their skills in the workshop.

Courses in gun smith schools cover different types of firearms.  To provide the best training, the gun smith school’s workshop should have a wide range of tools and equipment.  The importance of hands-on training cannot be overemphasized.  Thus, the school you choose must have qualified instructors and experienced gunsmiths who can supervise as you learn how to repair, restore or design a gun.

Tuition fees at gun smith schools vary.  Expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a gunsmith training program.  Online courses typically cost much less, but remember that you will not be able to benefit from supervised hands-on training at a workshop.

To be able to register at a gun smith school, you may be required to have a high school diploma or GED.  Students must be at least 18 years old.  Some gun smith schools also require a mechanical aptitude test.  A background check for criminal records may also be done by the school.

Popular Gun Smith Schools

Gun smith schools do not offer a bachelor’s degree program in gunsmith technology.  What they offer are certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree programs in the field.

Some of the more popular gun smith schools in the country include:

gunsmith school yavapai• Yavapai College of Prescott, Arizona.  This gun smith school is recognized as a leader in gunsmithing technology.  The college offers an associate degree in gunsmithing.  Students can also enroll in a two-year gunsmith certificate program.  Students at this gunsmith school work with rifles, handguns and shotguns.  Much of their time is spent in the school’s machine shop where they learn how to make stocks and refinish metals.  Students also learn how to customize guns.

pennsylvania gunsmith school• Pennsylvania Gunsmith School of Pittsburgh.  This is one of the best schools that offers a master gunsmithing program.  Again, focus is on hands-on work.  Students at this gunsmith school learn how to disassemble and reassemble firearms, design stocks, and customize handguns and other firearms.  They also learn techniques for bluing, polishing, filing, gauging, etc.    The course program takes 16 months, preparing students for an entry-level gunsmith job.

• Penn Foster Career School.  Online gun smith schools offer affordable programs for gunsmith technology.  One of the most popular online schools for gun smiths is Penn Foster Career School.  The school offers a diploma program for gunsmithing.  Students learn how to repair and customize firearms.  The gunsmithing course also includes restoring antique firearms and fitting and finishing stocks.

• Ashworth College.  This is also an online school where you can enroll in a gun smith technology program.  It offers a diploma program in gunsmithing.  Students learn how to troubleshoot and repair different types of firearms.  The coursework includes basic firearms maintenance and accurizing.

Gun smith schools can be found all over the country.  If you want to become a skilled gunsmith the first step is to register at a reputable gun smith school near you.  You can also enroll at one of the many online gun smith schools.  Keep in mind that you need to practice your skills with hands-on training if you want to become an expert gunsmith

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  1. Jeffrey Sparenberg says:

    I was speaking to my VA advisor today and she recommend that I attend a gun smith school. I am under VA chapter 31, so my schooling is totally paid for if I can find the right school. I live in Delaware but can drive if needed for the proper education. I spent 24 years in the US Navy as an engineer, an polish and blue guns on the side, I do not like online training so much is lost if you ask me if you get that belly to belly training.

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